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Compass Law Group LLP

Member Since: Jul 03, 2021

50 California St #1500, San Francisco, California

Welcome to Compass Law Group LLP Injury and Accident Attorneys San Francisco branch. Are you looking for a car accident lawyer in San Francisco, CA? We are here to help you with all of your accident and injury law matters. We are leading personal injury attorneys in San Francisco, California. We handle plenty of different types of motor vehicle accidents. Such as car wrecks, truck accidents, self driving car accidents, SUV accidents, semi truck accidents, t-bone wrecks, rollovers, hit and run accidents, car accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, etc. We have experience in other types of injury accidents: pedestrian injuries, slip and falls, assault, construction accidents, aviation accidents, premise liability, brain injuries, birth injuries, etc If you are in an accident, please call our San Francisco personal injury law firm immediately. 

  • Personal Injury, Property Damage & Wrongful Death Attorneys

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